Louann Chin

Long Beach, California - Louann is a self-learned Stock / Lifestyle Portrait Photographer. Growing up she was always told she had an eye for photography. Informally trained by assisting with a stock photography company, her imagery speaks for her experience. She continues her passion for imagery not only for her clients, but also in her self-expression imagery.


Her approach began from self expression of self-portraits. Taking an avant-garde approach to creativity and art. Using artificial lighting creates the mood, her use of vibrant color or lack of gives her images emotions and feelings. She sees art as the visual representation of the ideas and thoughts of the mind, for her it's an expression through photography.

March 2018

Since 1999 she has been creating a visual documentary celebrating her  gender expression.

Self expression photography in a French Maid uniform. Vacuuming a endless amount of dirt.

Her visions of an image usually is a contrast between the subject and the background. Provoking your thought process in what you are looking at, or what is trying to be said visually.

Out and Proud

"Being transgender was not a choice, transitioning to be happy the rest of my life was." April 2018

She is an active member and advocate of the LGBTQ community. In childhood she knew she was different, but never knew how she was different. Not until the mid 90's finally their was the word she identified with. Coming out in 1999 as a "crossdresser", her journey evolved into identifying as Transgender. She began her full-time transition in 2015.