Advocating Transgender Visibility

LGBTQ Photography Project

I think life is about being creative in the things that one is interested in. I love photography, I love to photograph people. I love the technical aspects of lighting, camera settings, to the mundane part of coordinating and arranging the shoots too.

Nothing pleases me more than to create visually the idea that I see in my head.

So this brings me to explain the project. Nothing more would make me happy would be to create a Photography Body of Work showcasing the LGBTQ Community in a Fine Art Collection.

My achievement is to create 20 - 30 pieces of Fine Art Photography to be shown in Art Galleries around the world. To have them showcased in magazines and make them available to advocate Transgender Visibility.

The Body of Work will be digital prints expressing LGBT relationship issues and also advocating the community. Done artistically but will be considered Fine Art.

Funds will go to marketing, administration, designer, cost and expenses(ie; Community model's time, assistants/grips, location costs, etc) to arrange shoots ,and printing of the calendar.

It would be nice to free up normal daily life worries and to concentrate on creating a body of work putting my passion and love 100% into.

I will be the main photographer for this project which will ensure it will be of highest quality not only image wise but quality of final production.

If you can help me out in making this Dream of mine a Reality, it would be much appreciated !


LGBTQ Photography Project


Helping me achieve my passion for my dream is much appreciated !!